Birds in NaturZoo Rheine

In a short time I have been to NaturZoo Rhiene 3 times and I have not been bored. There is a lot to see. I already wrote that there are many types of animals. As an example I share a selection of bird photos that I made there. There are many more. They may still follow in new blogs.

So birds … 🙂


Grijze kroonkraanvogel - Grey crowned crane

Grijze kroonkraanvogel – Grey crowned crane



Trompetneushoornvogel - Trumpeter hornbill

Trompetneushoornvogel – Trumpeter hornbill



Kaapse griel - Spotted thick-knee

Kaapse griel – Spotted thick-knee



Abdim ooievaar - Abdim's stork

Abdim ooievaar – Abdim’s stork



Pauw - Peacock

Pauw – Peacock



Sneeuwuil - Snowy owl

Sneeuwuil – Snowy owl



Humboldt pinguin - Humboldt penguin

Humboldt pinguin – Humboldt penguin



Ara - Scarlet macaw

Ara – Scarlet macaw



Inca stern - Inca tern

Inca stern – Inca tern



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