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  1. Bernard Draper says:

    Beautiful photos Anja ! Are these animals in the zoo in Deventer?

    It is strange, but I was born in Apeldoorn, and while we lived there (1937 – 1947) we had a very good neigbour who lived across the street from us on Berg en Bosweg 9/2..she was a widow but had a son in the war…her last name was also Wessels…any relation?

    Keep shooting those lovely photos..many people wil
    Enjoy them. BEN.

    • Anja Wessels says:

      Dear Bernard Draper,
      Great you like my photography! Maybe in the past there was, but nowadays there is no zoo in Deventer. All photos but one, were taken in Apeldoorn, in the Apenheul. That is very close to whre you used to live. What a coincidence!
      Wessels is a common name in the Netherlands. We are not related.
      Kind regards, Anja

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