Kalanchoë - Widow's-thrill

Flowers at Groenrijk

A collection of photos from my visit to Groenrijk yesterday. This time modified to a dark version. Lately all my flowers were light or on a white background. Now something else 🙂



Portulaca - Purslanes
Portulaca – Purslanes




Kalanchoë - Widow's-thrill
Kalanchoë – Widow’s-thrill




Calathea crocata - Eternal flame
Calathea crocata – Eternal flame




Polemonium caeruleum - Jacob's ladder
Polemonium caeruleum – Jacob’s ladder




Pulsatilla - Pasqueflower
Pulsatilla – Pasqueflower




Hypericum Perforate - St John's-wort
Hypericum Perforate – St John’s-wort








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