Aquazoo Leeuwarden

Dwergflamingo - Pygmy flamingo

On August 21, I went to Aquazoo in Leeuwarden for the first time. A new zoo for me. I went there because I wanted to see the 4 tiger cubs. I saw a beautiful zoo, but of course not the tiger cubs. Shame! During my second visit last week I saw the cubs briefly, but was unable to get any good photos of them. Too bad again, but I saw and photographed many other beautiful animals.

I have taken out a subscription. I can now go to this zoo “free” for a year. What I like about it is that the animals have so much space. The water where the seals swim is so enormous. Furthermore, it is a lovely park to walk around. I will soon make another attempt to capture the cubs. Hopefully I will have more success. Three times is a charm, after all.

I share a selection of the photos I took.

Dwergflamingo - Pygmy flamingo
Dwergflamingo – Pygmy flamingo
Azara's agoeti
Azara’s agoeti
Vicuña - Vicuna
Vicuña – Vicuna
Witnekkraanvogel - White-naped crane
Witnekkraanvogel – White-naped crane
Gewone zeehond - Common seal
Gewone zeehond – Common seal
Kleine zilverreiger - Little egret
Kleine zilverreiger – Little egret
Humboldtpinguïn - Humboldt penguin
Humboldtpinguïn – Humboldt penguin
Amoertijger - Amur tiger
Amoertijger – Amur tiger
Kleine zilverreiger - Little egret
Kleine zilverreiger – Little egret

These photos were taken here:

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