Close-ups in Wildlands

Kleinklauwotter - Asian small-clawed otter

Finally I have photographed again. Except for some family photos, my camera hadn’t been out of the bag for a month. Corona, bad weather and too busy. Yesterday we managed to go to Wildlands in Emmen for half a day. I was able to take quite a few pictures. After a foggy start, the weather improved nicely. It was a fun afternoon. However, I have again seen that Wildlands is not my favorite zoo. The animals have a lot of space, very nice. But all the extras, such as Safari bus, a boat, etc. add nothing. It couse that you see the animals less well. They also take up a lot of space. Space that they could have used better for other animal enclosures.

Here are 5 close-up photos taken in Wildlands.

Kleinklauwotter - Asian small-clawed otter
Kleinklauwotter – Asian small-clawed otter
Prairiehond - Prairie dog
Prairiehond – Prairie dog
Nandu - Rheas
Nandu – Rheas
Leeuw - Lion
Leeuw – Lion
Mantelbaviaan - Hamadryas baboon
Mantelbaviaan – Hamadryas baboon

These photos were taken here:

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