Eyes are the mirror of the soul

When you make portraits of animals, the most important thing is that the eyes are sharp. A photo can be really sharp, but if the eyes are not strong and spot on, you will never have a striking photo. When editing photos, you can emphasize those eyes more. More highlights and contrast, for example. It must remain natural. It’s OK to go right to the edge of what is reasonable.

Why all this “whining” over the eyes in a portrait? Cause: Eyes are the mirror of the soul

Below I share photos that I took in the Apenheul. Three I made yesterday, others longer ago. Have fun!

Kroonsifaka - Crowned sifaka (Apenheul)
Kroonsifaka – Crowned sifaka (Apenheul)
Slingeraap - Spider monkeys (Apenheul)
Slingeraap – Spider monkeys (Apenheul)
Gorilla (Apenheul)
Gorilla (Apenheul)
Goudkopleeuwaap - Golden-headed lion tamarin (Apenheul)

Goudkopleeuwaap – Golden-headed lion tamarin (Apenheul)

Witgezichtsaki - White-faced saki (Apenheul)
Witgezichtsaki – White-faced saki (Apenheul)
Gorilla (Apenheul)
Gorilla (Apenheul)

These photos were taken here:

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