Sharp en blurry

Violette schildtoerako - Violet turaco

Pantropica is the new name for the Orchideeen Hoeve in Luttelgeest. And it’s good that there is a new name. The old name no longer covered the meaning of the park for a long time. So much has been added. There are more and more animals and also more and more beautiful birds. So on Friday it was high time to go again. The result was a wonderful tropical day, while it was pouring rain outside. A wonderful day!

One goal was to photograph the birds beautifully. Because they fly around freely, this is not always easy. I haven’t seen all the species. So I will definitely use my subscription again soon.
Another goal was to show the birds sharply and with lots of detail, but with a blurred background. Of course you can also edit this in Photoshop. But you can often see that. In the photos below I have enhanced this effect somewhat. The colors have not been adjusted.
The background of the Red-shouldered Teal is very striking. This color is really what it was. It was a special combination of sunlight and the environment. I even softened the color a little, because otherwise it probably wouldn’t look believable.


Witwangtoerako - White-cheeked turaco
Witwangtoerako – White-cheeked turaco


Geelvleugelara - Scarlet macaw
Geelvleugelara – Scarlet macaw


Violette schildtoerako - Violet turaco
Violette schildtoerako – Violet turaco


Rode flamingo - American flamingo
Rode flamingo – American flamingo


Roodschoudertaling - Ringed teal
Roodschoudertaling – Ringed teal


Kroonduif - Western crowned pigeon
Kroonduif – Western crowned pigeon


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  1. Patricia A. Chambers says:

    I can’t figure out which one I like the best. They are so beautiful. It’s like you stood in their face up close to take their photo.
    All of them are beautiful.
    Your photos are beautiful and your subjects look amazing.
    I love the colors of each piece one of your models.
    I am honored you share your photography artwork with me.
    Each photo shot quality is beautifully displayed .
    It’s amazing how the photos appear as if each subject is doing a personal pose for you.
    Even the flowers photos are so alive and beautiful.
    Hope you are enjoying your traveling.
    Thanks for sharing your photos with. I enjoy looking at all of them.
    Take care of yourself and be safe.

    • Anja Wessels says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Many ask me how I get the animals to look at me. And I have to say, I don’t do a thing. I wait until they do. I think the animals wonder who that strange person is with that huge black thing in front of her face. And luck is a big part of it.
      Kind regards Anja

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