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  1. Patricia A Chambers op Mike & Co

Sunday afternoon and still lockdown. I have no new animals photos. Zoos in the Netherlands are still closed. Therefore I’m playing with Photoshop again.

I converted 6 photos to a vintage portrait. I have searched for appropriate animal portraits. What always strikes me with the old portraits is that people often look tense and unnatural. Stiffly upright, no smile, sometimes even frightened.

Here my animal interpretation.



Witte leeuw - White lion

Witte leeuw – White lion









Haan - Rooster

Haan – Rooster




Alaotra bamboemaki - Lac Alaotra bamboo lemur

Alaotra bamboemaki – Lac Alaotra bamboo lemur




Siberische tijger - Siberian Tiger

Siberische tijger – Siberian Tiger




Bauwi, gorilla

Bauwi, gorilla




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